At Chez Sven | Bed and Breakfast you should feel well, to spend a nice, enjoyable time and would definitely come back to us as customer. If it is like this, we set the wheels in motion and like to go to customer requests and suggestions for improvement.

We do this with much of passion and attention to detail as our BnB is not driven generate profitable action.

The idea for our bed and breakfast came Sven with a tour of South Africa where he could stay in various stylish BnB’s. He relates hotels very rarely, because the personal touch is lacks. Just why would Chez Sven | Bed and Breakfast guests make everything as agreeable as possible with the personal touch.

Where it is possible, we offer regional and even local products.

We are pleased at Chez Sven | Bed and Breakfast to welcome you as a guest.
Chez Sven | Bed and Breakfast

Because everyone is unique!