Services / Rates

Services / Rates





Studio ‘ le grand’ per Night
Jacuzzi  Pool Breakfast

1 Person CHF 100.00

 CHF 10.00/ Person free large CHF 17.00/ Person
 2 Persons CHF 70.00/ Person  CHF 10.00/ Person small CHF 10.00/ Person

Studio ‘ le petit’ per Night

 Jacuzzi Pool Breakfast

1 Person CHF 95.00

 N/A free large CHF 17.00/ Person
 2 Persons CHF 60.00/ Person   –  – small CHF 10.00/ Person

For this price you can expect the following services and use items on loan:

Room is Airconditioned

   •Free parking at the hotel (safe)
   •Pool (seasonal) CHF 5.00/ Terry cloth for pool if you need
   •Pay TV, CCTV & SAT
   •Ipad for free use
   •Romanesque wooden terrace 
   •kitchen with everything it needs
   •Private toilet / shower with shampoo, toilet paper
   •Cleaning after departure

For more information and extra services:

  • Jacuzzi use with bathrobe, finches, terry cloth CHF 10.00/ Person
  • A laundry and ironing service available, this is chargeable
  • A hairdresser is located vis a vis the property. We can arrange an appointment for you if you notify us. On their own account
  • Bus stopp 100m from the accommodation
  • Shops Food / non-food located in the village and in the nearby area
  • Long-term residents / business customer conditions and services on request
  • Smoking in the accommodation is not allowed. If you smoke inside it will be charged with additional fee CHF 100.-
  • Eating and drinking is not allowed in the bed. For example, pollution Wine, orange juice, etc., leftover food of all kinds is also an additional fee of CHF 100.- charged for extraordinary cleaning or even re-procurement of bed
  • Checkout after 11:00 on request, provided that no reservation by other guests, for a fee of CHF 10.-/ Person for every started and additional hour. Max. 3 Hours. After that a full Night Tarif / Person you have to pay.
  • At special prices or reduced prices for the night, which deviate from the standard prices, the service is limited or additional services such as minibar, pool use etc. are offered for a fee. There is no breakfast available in this price category.
  • The accommodation is not suitable for children under 18 years


• We accept cash and most credit cards
• To pay with postcards unfortunately is currently not possible



all Cards +3.0%